New starter - the output volume is much lower vs. Fm3 and Kemper

Hi folks,

I just got my Quad Cortex some days ago. Sounds really good and happy to explore this device further.

What is somehow strange is the low output on output 3/4 compared to other devices I compared it with (FM3, Kemper). When I set the overall output at 0 dB or even at 4dB and also adjust the volume of the preset and overall volume knob is seems to be quite a weak output signal. Is this the normal situation or may it be a faulty device?

Thanks for your thought on this


@gitmanx I also noticed when I switched from Kemper to the QC that the overall outputs were lower. But after making adjustments on my end, I don’t mind now. I don’t have sound guys asking me to turn down my output anymore like they did with my Kemper setup.

It’s normal. It’s a lot quieter, which has been an issue for me from time to time. You can boost the outputs all the way to red and it won’t clip on the main meter. Just keep an eye to make sure limiter isn’t being hit

Thanks a lot for your reply. Not what I hoped to read but what can we do :slight_smile:

This is a great advise. Somehow stupid that the device does not come with the usual -10dB and +4dB ranges used everywhere…

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I usually set my presets so the output bocks are below red, and set the output controls from the top pulldown as high as I need to up to limiter, with wheel on max

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