Cloud previews before downloading

Ability to preview captures and presents ahead of downloading. Would be neat if over the mobile app, desktop, or through QC. I would like to reserve my download space and organization to just those I know I will like to keep verses having to download furst and later delete hundreds of tests.

Yep. This is possible with many of the software amp modelers that integrate with the hardware: Yamaha THR, Bias Amp, etc. Seems cumbersome to have to download it before you know you want it on your system. +1

Where users are combining other IR’s etc, it would be good if it referenced them or included links to the other items so you don’t have to pick through after downloading to find that you need two or three other items. I think I have seen this posted elsewhere. Also the ability to rate AND add comments to uploaded submissions would be great.


Agreed. It could become quite lawless out there if there’s no form of community quality control.

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