Finally picked up the Quad Cortex! Have a NOOB question about adding new amps?

So far, I am loving the QC. Sounds awesome and its so easy to build a preset, navigate and use. The easiest unit i have tried to date. Though i have 1 questions i am still a bit confused about…

So the only way to add new amps to the QC is by capturing your own amps or thru the app by tapping on the star next to a preset from another member? Then going to your QC and downloading it, Is this correct? Its not like a Kemper, etc, etc where you can buy amp packs from various websites that capture them. Lets say for example, I wanted a Marshall DSL amp, A user on the app would need to have a capture of that amp or Neural would need to offer it in an update for me to have it? is that how it works? Sorry, I am still a bit confused how that whole process works.

Thanks so much!

Yes, you are correct. There are many outstanding user captures out there. All free to “bookmark” with a star and download.

There are some websites selling captures as well. You just need to know who they are and some were doing kemper profiles before the QC came out so google around. You also should know there are amp models too so try those as well. The names kind of give away what they’re modelling.

Welcome to the community! Currently, there is no official marketplace for QC presets/captures although it is being worked on. That being said, there is literally a ton of presets/captures for anything you are looking for., available on the cloud. There are also other alternatives which you can purchase from 3rd party vendors via Google. The nice thing about the cloud is the wildcard search available. If you are looking for a specific song, artist, guitar player or style of music etc., you will probably see a match on the cloud. Enjoy!

You got it. It actually is a good solution because many of the captures are fantastic. The QC unlike the Kemper can provide more accurate captures of amps. I rarely find a bad one.

Awesome thanks guys! Yeah all the captures are awesome! I just wanted to make sure I understood it correctly. Thanks so much everyone!

Yup yup, welcome! I’m a new user as well and after having the unit for a few days I’m going down the preset and capture rabbit hole. The cloud’s pretty intuitive but took me a minute to get used to the concept, same with loading IRs and saving stuff up to the cloud. As a good starting point, go with Sweetwater’s captures and move on to the YouTube guys. That’ll give you a good idea of what other folks captures are like and then you can go nuts with everyone else’s!

Good points! I love the Sweetwater Studios content and there are tons more!

Where do I find the sweeteater captures? In the app?

Yes, in the cloud search for Sweetwater Studios and you will see their collections available.