My knobs are all wrong

Apologies if this is in the wrong place and for what I am sure is a noob question…

Just tried to capture a few pedals and trying them out but the capture doesn’t pick up the correct controls. So a Fuzz Factory has gain / treble / bass etc. and not what’s on the pedal.

How do I correct this? To check, I captured my BE-OD and then compared it to the factory preset: preset has all the right controls, my capture is missing half of them.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Harborne_Blue and welcome to the forums!
I’m not quite sure what you are referring to. All captures when completed will have the same 5 controls for tweaking if needed post capture (e.g. GAIN, BASS, MID, TREBLE and VOLUME etc.)

When your capture is completed and saved, those settings above will be at their default positions which is 0.0dB gain. Those settings will match the EQ, tone of your capture yet you can tweak if needed but generally the default settings are what you want to use or at least start with etc.

Just to note as well, the QC does not currently support capturing of Fuzz pedals. You can try as it won’t hurt anything but you won’t get the octave notes that are generally what fuzz provides.

I captured my Holy Grail reverb and the pedal has a click switch for Hall/Plate/Spring and a single knob. Capture doesn’t have the click switch and four knobs, none called Reverb. How do i delete the extra knobs, rename the Gain to Reverb? Assume i need to then do 3x captures, one for each mode?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This is probably going to be a huge disappointment but:

  1. You can currently only capture drive pedals or amps, so no time based effects like reverb or delays.
  2. the capture doesn’t have the controls of the amp or pedal, it is only a fixed capture of the current state of the captured device. The controls you get on a capture (gain, bass, mid, treb) are just to tweak the capture a bit but they are built in. They don’t mirror any knobs on your pedal or amp.

Yep - 1 capture = 1 set of settings, there are no representations of device controls. Just like Kemper.

Side note - maybe sometime they could add a way for the user to combine captures and assign controls. Not like blending, but just switching between them. That would seriously step it up over kemper. Anyway, I’ll dream on.

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If I recall correctly ndsp talked about capturing time based fx some time ago. That would also be a huge improvement.
But it’s not on their priority list, so IF this feature comes it will not come in the nearer future

yeah, but honestly that effort would be better spent on fx models or fx models that are built on ai captures of real devices. If you thought finding a capture with the specific settings you want for an amp is a challenge, wait till you’re sifting through 50 delay captures just to get the timing and mix right

Sure, Delays would only be usable if you could sync them to the qcs tempo. I guess that’s why it is so hard to do and no company has done this so far.

I agree that more solid built in fx models would be better. Just wanted to point out here that this feature has been discussed some time ago