Will we have a solution that improves captures?

It’s well known that when we try to capture a pedal or an amp there’s a minimum variance in gaina nd in tone.

This is a bug already reported but seems forgotten in the new beta commers?

Has this been considered or will this be left aside until further development?


@M_NDSP I am quite surprised this is ignored.

Many users have flagged how disappointing is just getting a decent tone when we capture an amp or a pedal instead of the perfect match. May seem something minor however it is not, in my opinion is best to get less things spot on than many half way and I believe that the capturing engine was the man differentiator for Neural vs the competitor Fractal so why speaking about the editor, effect loop and smaller points when that is not spot on yet??
I feel like we keep pretending this issue doesn’t exist but it does hence what’s the point of using Neural instead of Quad?
I appreciate this post might come harsh and I am sorry as I dont want to cause any disrespect however given the cost of the product and promises made to the user I feel we’ve been slightly ignored pretending this issue is not there and not having provided a solution scope or timeline.
Hopefully this will get a response and above all a roadmap to solve this problem and not the classic please contact support message …



Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Captures can take some experimenting to get what you’re looking for, but we haven’t received complaints that captures are bugged.

We have a past ticket from you regarding auto-set function, but the support team never received a response back after we replied.

If you still need assistance with this or would like to explain the bug you’re finding in detail please respond back to that thread.

I know you didn’t want a response to contact support, but this is how we investigate/troubleshoot any user bugs and escalate if necessary. Thanks for understanding!


I have found the following to yield good, predictable, consistent results. I your captures are not meeting you expectations, try these simple guidelines. Captures work pretty well for most people, so there might be something wrong in your signal chain, capture or testing process, or an issue with your QC itself. Check with support if you suspect that, they will help.

When capturing pedals:

  1. Set the pedal gain, tone and volume the way you want it in the signal chain
  2. Move the pedal into the QC capture loop
  3. Set instrument level to 0dB (this has no effect on the capture, and the pedal should already be set the way you want it)
  4. Set capture in level to 0dB so the capture block will have the same level as the pedal
  5. Capture - the gain, and volume of the capture block will match the original pedal in the signal chain

When capturing amps:

  1. Put the amp+cab+mic into the capture loop
  2. Set the QC Inst level to 0dB so that the amp is seeing the actual nominal guitar level.
  3. Set the the gain, tone and volume on the amp way you want it
  4. Position the mic on the cabinet to get the tone you want
  5. Set capture in level to get the level meter to show -12dB for a clean amp tones and -6dB for a distorted amp tones
  6. Capture - the gain/saturation, and volume of the capture block will closely match the original amp, will have levels and headroom similar to the QC amps, and will have consistent levels across different captures.


I have taken the time to write support and they say it is not possible, again I think is denying evidence as we all can see in this forum users complain the capture is not perfect.
They ask me for a video 48 hours ago which i did straight away proving the capture of a treble booster is quite rubbish and no response from them, I wonder if they are waiting for the video wetransfer link to expire to reply with the excuse that the video no longer exist so that saves them from confirming they have that ongoing issue with soem specific pedals some of us already flagged…
Still quite disappointed we cannot nail these pedals

Sorry but I gotta be honest:

this post was rubbish. and after 8 days you just bumped it by tagging a NDSP rep who told you to contact support (which is the thing to do if you have any issue)

If the captured tone was always perfect, there wouldn’t be an EQ in the capture block right?

Jamsden was nice enough to give you a good answer (raise hat) but still, post is rubbish
sorry mate

@March @M_NDSP

Reading back my message I realised it did not come across in the way I intended.

English is not my mother tongue however there’s no excuse to be rude so I would like to send you both an apology and extend it to any other fellow member of the community that might got offended by my message.

Having reviewed my video Support agrees the capture process I did was correct and for some reason cannot capture properly that type of pedals and they have noted it

No the end of the world as I said as luckily can be resolved with some tweaking

Thanks and apologies again


I know that the QC has trouble capturing fuzz pedals right now. Maybe there’s something about the pedal that is freaking out the QC

My fuzz captures are pretty cool actually. They are less accurate than my amp captures, but totally useable when stacked with a clean tone.

No prob man,
my answer was rude I admit.

I work in software tech support too and I understand ya
it’s just that issues can’t be resolved in such a quick time frame so unfortunately patience is necessary.

I agree some captures don’t come out as they should, applies to almost anything that is gated (like fuzz) but sometimes it gives good result. This makes it difficult for a software team to pinpoint the exact reason why the process is failing. It will make a fix harder (longer) to build.

In the meantime we still have plenty with the device, and since you have the actual pedal, you can still use it :slight_smile:

All good! Glad you were able to get everything worked out with support!