Capture gain, bass, mid, treble controls

I’m not sure if this is even possible, but I was thinking how great it would be if we could capture not just a snapshot of an amp, or pedal but also the gain and basic eq curves since they’re different based on the model of the amp/pedal. I’m imagining a knob popping up on the screen after the general capture is completed for “gain,” then while the capture algorithm runs, you slowly sweep the gain knob on your amp from 0-10 to follow the speed of the virtual one on the QC screen. Then repeat for the eq knobs. Is this possible?

That would be prone to human error as you cannot turn the knobs in exactly the same speed.

Maybe it would be possible that the qc prompts you to set gain to 0, then to 5 and then to 10 and then calculates the curve based on these captured values. Same for the eq knobs.

I would love that feature. Combined with cloud sharing this would give us even more options.

However, I guess it would be extremely difficult to develop an algorithm that can capture it that way that comes close to the original amp. But if someone is able to implement this I bet on NDSP :smiley:

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