New Capture options like some of the Stock captures have

What I would like to see is the option to capture devices with more options( setting) like what they have in real life.
Meaning if I capture my Fortin Cali , the capture will have Vol/B/M/T and Gain while the Cali has quite a few more options. The Cali is an extreme example but, there are QC stock captures that have more options than a capture gets as controls.


EV101III34 100w


PV 5055 Sig 3 ( stock capture) not best sample of a real amp with options.

Gain-Bass-Mid-Treb- Vol

What I’m saying if we go to capture and amp we should be able to get close to having the same control over the capture when it’s done.
I do understand a capture is a capture of ones amp with all the settings the way you like.

Couldn’t you use an EQ before or after the amp block to fine tune as a work-around? While I like the idea, I’m not sure how a capture would ‘recognize’ the various controls of the amp - since it is a ‘snapshot’ of the amp at a current setting. Cool thought though.

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I hear ya, I’m just thinking when setting up a capture you can pick a configuration of controls that as close as it can be to the real configuration. Capture all at noon and now you have solid control options from the QC.

Love the idea, don’t know how that could be implemented. Even IK’s Tonex has similar limitations in their capture technology. Perhaps some future AI hybrid modeling meets capture technology will allow for this sort of thing. I just pluck strings and hope it sounds good and leave the tech to the experts!

Perhaps a first step into this direction could be to be able to bundle multiple neural captures in one capture block. Then one could choose between the actual captures inside that block.

The hit of QC, IMHO, is it can do captures and it has
amp models. Both approaches in a single unit.

Maybe some day someone will invent a system that can capture and reproduce the behavior of each of the controls of an amp and the interactions between them, but I think that day hasn’t come.

What is being proposed in this thread is kind of an intermediate step, and seems very difficult to me. I mean it wouldn’t be easy that everybody was happy with it. Of course the concept is great, but I think it would be a neverending effort for something that cannot be done.

Just my opinion.


This is just an idea of something I think many would enjoy especially the ones that do some heavy capturing.

While I agree that it is a difficult proposition to include the controls from the original amps in a capture as the OP’s feature request proposes I actually think eventually we can get there. As you point out, it may not be on this release of the QC, but wouldn’t it be great if it was.

I think there is a road forward for this concept. Here are some of the pieces I see it potentially requiring. A company that is modeling the way amp knobs/switches change the captures on specific amps. Check, Neural is doing this already with its AI and robotics. So, you need a database of algorithms for how the knobs/switches affect the sound, specific to each amp (or effect). It would probably start with a limited number of available amp and effect knob/switch algorithms and become more comprehensive with time. That database would either already be resident on the QC or downloadable piecemeal for the specific amp/effect you capture. Eminently doable and WiFi makes it even easier.

Now you need a way to graft or link those knob/switch algorithms to a capture. This is the critical and probably most challenging piece of the puzzle as most of the other infrastructure to do this is either relatively straightforward or already in place. In some respects even this piece may already be in place if it is similar to what they do with an amp model that is included with the QC. They are currently including generic controls with captures but that would need to be modified so you could select the specific knob/switch algorithm for the amp (or effect) you just captured from a dropdown menu. Bob’s your uncle, now you have a capture complete with the original amp or effect’s controls.

I know, sounds really easy when you are not the one who has to program it, but I think it could be done and it would be magnificent if it was. Great idea from the OP!

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Yup, you hit the nail on the head. That is where things get really tricky. Extrapolating how knobs and switches would modify the sound based on only one capture .

I wonder if this would lead to an alternate capture strategy where you would be required to do multiple captures with the knobs and switches in specific locations and then have the software calculate the incremental effect of the settings in between. That probably does take us into the next generation of modeling and not likely to happen on this QC.

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…additionally - on the many amps I’ve owned through the years - I seldom turned the knobs much. Once I found the sweet spot, I’d set it and forget it. Any fine-tuning I did was with an EQ pedal, Boost, or Drive that I could click in and out of. Some minor tweaking would come into play for the venue when playing out - but that’s nothing that can’t be accomplished with an EQ block on the QC. I totally get the ‘psychological’ appeal of associating the Fortin capture with a real Fortin - and the knobs matching would add to the aesthetics - but the audience isn’t going to hear the aesthetics. They’ll hear your EQ’ing.

I hear you all, this was just an idea based on what’s already in the machine.