Settings with capture

I have captured a Duellist pedal. When I add it to the effect chain I get gain, bass and other settings I can adjust.
How is this set up? What is the starting point for my capture? Is it with all the settings in default 12 o’clock or should I set them all to zero to here the actual capture I have done?


Hi @dannepop , the answer is yes. :grinning:
Seriously, make your captures based on the settings you desire etc. When using your capture, you can further adjust EQ, gain as desired and or if needed. There really isn’t a wrong and or right answer but the closest tone captured will usually be the settings on your capture left at default then you can go from there.

@dannepop when you add the new capture to you chain, the default settings are the starting point and should be very close sonically to the sound of the pedal you were capturing. As in, where the knobs are when you open the capture the first time, are the default starting points.

I usually have to make a few little sonic tweaks to the settings then to get it to be perfect. But it shouldn’t be too much, unless something when wrong with your capture, or you tried to capture a fuzz pedal. Those don’t seem to capture well right now. Once you get it right, you can save those settings as the default for that capture, so when you use it again, it defaults to the new settings for you automatically.