Mute grid rows or bypass/ disengage I/O between scenes within the same preset

For each preset you have to choose which input and output you want engaged or disengaged. I would like to be able to switch and bypass these between scenes, too. It would be even better to turn off grid rows completely with the push of a button. Both features are welcome and closely related.

The reason is for running and changing multiple sounds seemlessly between scenes. Right now you are only left 2 choices to truly bypass signal paths/ grid rows as far as I know:

  1. Turn down the volume on one of your effect blocks on a grid line (to -60db which is roughly the volume of pickup hum (-70-60db) and isn’t the cleanest of options. It also adds up.
  2. Use split signal paths in A/B mode because those you can turn off completely (-inf db)

FYI, if you long-tap on the grid at the end of a row, you can adjust the volume and pan for the row. That can be set on a per-scene basis.

That’s a great tip, thanks!

I still think a master bypass that visually represents the muted grid row would be a nice feature