Bleed through

Has anyone noticed this? When I use rows 1&2 as one scene then set blocks 3&4 as another scene ( both as completely different rigs) when on scene A (rows 1&2) all of scene b blocks (rows 3&4) are bypassed and visa versa, I get what sounds like bleed through from the dead scene / rows. Underneath the scene sound is something that sounds like an almost dead guitar or speaker flubbing out. . It has happened on more than one preset I made. Much lower volume but loud enough to be noticed. I know it’s coming from the bypassed rows because when I delete them it stops. Any insights to this would be greatly appreciated? I have solved it for now by running all blocks on all four rows in series, but don’t feel that’s the best method for me based on other things I want to do. In every case CPU usage was under 50%

Bypass doesn’t mute. Try turning down the volume in the output block at the end of the row. You access the menu with a long tap on the output block.

Thanks I just tried that. .I was afraid it would be global and effect all scenes in the preset. But it does in fact mute just the scene your on. Thank you for the reply. It’s going to take some time to learn all the ins and outs on this thing. Happy to be a member of this forum.

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Another option is to insert a gain block and set the attenuation to -60dB in the muted scenes.