[SOLVED] Something I don't understand in scenes (Path volume)

Hi there,
New on the Quar Cortex, I’m still diecovering the beast. Anyway, I’m not new on this kind of devices, I have a Helix, a Headrush, and a lof of other older stuff…

There is something I don’t understand with the scenes on the Quad Cortex, probably a parameter that was not abot to find (even if I watched the official tutorial videos). For some presets, you can have multiple lines/rows with the same input (usually “In 1”), but not all of them are really carrying sound. The selection of scenes seem to “enable” or “disable” some rows, even if there is nothing visually that show that a row is active or not.

For example, the factory preset “13F Cali M2CPlus”: I can’t explain why there is no sound on the second row except on scenes G and H.

I must be missing something important here, but I can’t see what !

Thanks for your lights !!

Good question, puzzled me and took me a bit to figure it out :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s the volume of the output (multi out) block on row 2 that is automated.
You need to long press the block to see it.


Wonderful !

Thank you, I knew I was missing something :sweat_smile:

All good now !


One related note : most ‘factory preset’ were made before the 1.4 Firmware update, that’s why they had to use a scene on the ‘Volume’ parameter set to ‘Off’.

In the 1.4 version, the ‘Mute’ and ‘Solo’ options were added on the output block, so instead of setting the Volume to 0 in a scene, it’s better to use the ‘Mute’ parameter , because there’s a visual indicator on the output block in the grid !