Selectively Silence Scenes?

Other than being a cool alliteration, is there a way to silence the output from all scenes except one in a preset? I’ve only been able to do this by turning the amp volumes down as setting the inputs or outputs to none seems to impact ALL scenes.

You could either hold down on one of the output block which will bring up Scene assignable volume and pan controls for a given output, or if you want to keep effects trails then you could add a Gate or Gain block at the front or back of the signal chain and either turn the Gate all the way up or Gain block all the way down. Does this answer your question?

Yes, thanks very much. Before I was trying to turn off the block which affected all scenes. This works perfectly. Thanks again.

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I think I’m going back to the approach for routing I’ve used on Helix for the past few years:

  • One big chain
  • Split rows when I run out of DSP
  • Parallel rows for splits and parallel processing, not for different scenes
  • Enable / Disable blocks to change rigs between scenes

I think that’ll allow me to maximize the amount of stuff I can have in each scene and simplify leveling of volume across scenes and across presets.

Leveling scenes in any modeler is interesting.

True, but my experience with QC is that multiple parallel chains makes it a special PITA.

The easiest way is to use the level control in the Output Block.

Theoretically, one could use one Preset with a bunch of amps, cabs and effects and just turn them on or off and adjust the block parameters in each scene. You’d get 8 different sounds and potentially many more using Stomp mode and an expression pedal.

Not just a theory. Been doing that for years. :nerd_face:

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