Multiple midi messages on scene change?

I’m using Presets as songs, and scenes for parts of each song (scene A=verse, scene B=chorus, etc).

I’d like to send midi messages to my timeline and big sky when switching scenes, but it seems like you can only send 1 message per scene? Whats up with that, am I missing something? I can set the pedals up per song with on preset load messages, but I might want to make more than one change between scenes.


It is not possible at this moment. Thats why I bought the Morningstar MC6.

Maybe it will be in the future.

Or you can do midi out from timeline to bigsky for now.

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Really need this. I need to turn TL, Mobius, and BigSky on and off.
Adding more pedals to the board isn’t a solution.

I have looked into this further and it seems like it is is just the cc needs to be sent on a different midi channel and that’s it. This seems like a very tiny code update and I wish this and the global midi tempo or beat clock would get fixed. I really do not want to be adding a bome box to my board and programming around a feature that is already in a lot of the competition.
Is anyone at Nueral doing anything about QC updates?

This is actually nuts that it’s not a feature. Neural, we need this really bad. I know at least 4 guys I’ve played with who need to send multiple midi commands on scene changes, it’s a must have!

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This was a big surprise to me when I purchased this. The only workaround is to create separate Presets for each MIDI configuration.

Neural DSP, please consider adding the ability to do more than 1 MIDI command per scene. It’s a big limitation for the QC.

Hello folks, make sure you vote here:

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