Morph/Secondary Footswitch Function for Hybrid Mode

Hybrid mode is a VERY welcome addition to the device.

This is going to sound like a complaint, but it’s out of excitement for the future of QC; if we could have hybrid mode + integrated long press (or something) on each footswitch, we could have access to all 8 scenes/presets at our disposal in Hybrid mode. This would be a huge benefit to custom tailor every possible combination of effects and settings with a few easy button presses while still having real time creative control over your Stomp effects on the second row. Would really blow the device wide open, imo.

I don’t miss much about my Kemper after making the switch to the QC, but the Morph function is definitely a feature I wish we had now that Hybrid mode is here.

Neural, you’re kicking major ass, love the 2.0.0 update! Just trying to help make this thing even better!

This should probably me merged with this request: Hold & Secondary Functions for foot switches

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