More Captures and Cabs from NEURAL

I’d like to see more captures and cabs from NEURAL in the future. I like the Neural made cabs a lot more than anything else in the Cortex. Sadly there’s only three of them and they’re more towards the vintage tone.

I’d like amp captures of:

Marshall 1959HW, 1987X and JCM800

Vox AC15 or 30

Bogner Ecstasy

Friedman Be 100 or Be-50 deluxe

Cabs from NEURAL:
4x12 with V30 speakers Marshall or Bogner cab

Marshall cab with Celestion Classic Lead 80 (G12-80) speakers.

You’re doing awesome job with the Cortex and its new updates, thank you Neural !

There is Bogner XTC capture on cloud, all three channels. Made by Neural. TW’s Bogna.

Yeah, I have checked them and the Bogner clean sound is awesome and the distortion sounds are……a little too much for my taste :slight_smile: I’d like to get more complete package from Bogner (and other amps mentioned) with different eq and gain settings, like Neural’s Deluxe and Jubilee captures :+1:

It would be awesome to have more captures by neural! I really enjoyed the HR deluxe captures, it sounds really good! More Fender please! Tone king?