Fantastic captures

Hi all. I sampled all my amps and they sound fantastic. so I’m taking the quad out on the road. I’ve decided that FRFRs aren’t any good for me. dont like their slow response times and transients. so I picked up a fender hot rod deluxe IV, I’m going straight into the power amp jack on the top plate and wow what a difference. very loud with all the benefits of a proper guitar speaker, and the warmth of a tube power amp with all the benefits of the quad. and a direct feed out to the PA via a cab simulator in one of the rows. Also this setup sounds good at any volume - which slightly surprised me. anyhow thoroughly recommend this as a gigging setup.


Would you mind sharing your captures on Neural Cloud? :wave:

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Love this thread. I love my captures too and the QC rocks.

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On this note, I’ve been using the Turbosound iQ12 (Turbosound | Product | iQ12) with my Quad. I think it rocks in pubs, at rehearsal and at home. I’m probably too close to it and now I’m curious if it truely reflects the amp tones. Does anyone else have experience with it?

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I use my amp’s return fx and real guitar cabinet. Only modeler that feels like an amp and sounds the best to me is the Quad. Tbh the Yamaha double modeler that’s overlooked and so simple sounds and feels great too and for $800 new comes with its own power. Plug in and play. Had to feel like I played well enough to deserve better gear. Started working my way up and trading , selling etc. Simple set up. Home guitarist haven’t had great amps more than 9? Yrs maybe. So I want to enjoy them. I have not tried the axe fx. Although I’d like too it’s option paralysis for me. Plus, I’ve become a pedal addict. Sounds so much better with tube amps. The Kemper and helix seem to need a pedal to help with sound and feel. The quad does not. Simple set up. Home guitarist. Clean, crunch, high gain, fuzz maybe a compressor for funk and that’s it. Always room for improvement with guitar. Always. Never ending learning which I guess makes it interesting. Originally, used the worst playing, cheap gear. Unplayable. Stuck with it and refused to give up. Now I’ve overspent and really don’t trust the usual suspects where we sell stuff. Too many scammers, shipping damages etc. Will probably do consignment. Where else is there? And fyi in 2023 even as a hobbyist you will receive a 1099 in your taxes if you made more than $600. And you will owe the govt 28%. We’ve already paid tax several times on used gear. My stuff is mint. So That’s eBay, reverb, Facebook marketplace etc. beware. Just signed up so a few months behind.