Two Rock Captures

Just wanted to let you all know that I added some Two Rock Studio Pro 35 captures to the cloud.

Look for SGoffen or Two Rock

One clean, then 3 more each with more overdrive, mainly added through the master volume with the tonestack bypassed.

They are Without cabs so you can add your own IR or use a real cab. I use my QC with a Powerstage 170 and my Two Rock cab and these captures are pretty much spot on.

Let me know how you like them or if you want any others done and I’ll get them up if I can.


I have downloaded your Captures and added the QC 412 Brit TV GB75Hz ’69 IR. It sounds amazing. Thanks a lot for these Captures. Very good Job.

Do you have more amps or Captures?

@steffen.berg thats great man, so glad you found them useful.

I’ve got a few pedals also captured: a Beano Boost, Friedman BE, Etc, check them out;)

The Beano is very bright but works well in a mix with the amp. Also is great in front of an overdrive pedal/capture.

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I would suggest adding your username (I found SGoffen searching Two Rock) and adding descriptions so people know the details. Just click on the 3 dots and edit your captures on the app etc. Thanks!

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:+1: good idea. Also changed the name of the captures from 2 Rock to Two Rock

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I tried your Beano Boost with your Two Rock. It works fine. A great combination. Thanks a lot again.

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No problem! Just glad you like them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Out of interest the matching Two Rock 1x12 cab has a Celestion G12 M, so a Greenback style speaker.

My 2x12 Two Rock cab has TR 1265b speakers.

Both sound great.

I thought I’d mention this in case you were matching an IR to the amp capture:)

Wow, just tried them and I’m already having much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome !! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Working well with your cab?

Just added a preset that uses an edge of breakup capture on the Two Rock with a KTR Klon and a Beetronics Fatbee capture as boosts.

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