Mono to Stereo Behavior in Pro Tools (SOLVED)

So typically with lead guitar tracks, I will use the Mono to Stereo version of amp sim plugins in order to allow my delay and reverb effects to have a wide stereo field. I am trying to use the Mono/Stereo version of both Archetype Plini and Archetype Abasi to achieve this, but for some strange reason it sounds like it is taking the mono input signal and slightly delaying it to create a stereo input INTO the amp, instead of retaining the mono input and outputting in stereo, like every other mono/stereo plugin I’ve ever used. Is this how Neural DSP plugins always behave in Mono/Stereo mode? Or is there something I’m missing here?

UPDATE: Problem solved. Upon further investigation I noticed all of my Mono/Stereo plugins were behaving like this. I reset my Playback Engine and now everything is working! Thank you Pro Tools :roll_eyes:

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