Stereo - Mono issues (Plini & Nolly)

Hello, I have two small distinct issues concerning the stereo - mono mode in both Plini and Nolly.

In Plini, I can’t seem to click on the stereo - mono knob to change the mode as it is faded for some reason. How can I fix this and why is this knob faded in the first place? It seems to be the case for all presets as well.

In Nolly, I’m able to click on the stereo - mono knob, but whenever I’m in stereo mode, the audio is mostly coming from the left side instead of having a balance between left and right. I didn’t have this problem a couple of months ago. I tried switching the microphone position and the microphones altogether, but nothing seems to work.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @axeldevuyst. The mode switch is used to control the input of the plugin. If it appears as faded/greyed out is because you have just one input enabled (as it should be if you’re using it for just one guitar signal). If you enable two inputs at the audio settings, you will be able to move it. This will cause it to pan the two input signals, one on each side. That’s why you hear the sound coming from one side.

The output of the standalone application will be always stereo, and with the plugin (inside a DAW) it will depend on the channel mode. In both cases, it does not depend on the mode switch.

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Thank you so much for your explanation!

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