Panning, Sound Issue In Reaper

Just recently purchased Archetype Nolly and Abasi and when trying to run them in stereo, I hear a very hard static noise. When using them in Mono I am not able to pan to either side. When panning to the right i get volume reduction, and when panning to the let I get nothing.
Im thinking that it could be an issue with the output but I would appreciate any help at all with solving this issue.

Hello @nathanielmisery. The Mono/Stereo switch is used to process stereo input signals. If you move it to Stereo while connected through a single cable from your guitar (mono), it will pick up the signal from the additional Input.

The output from the Standalone application should already come out as Stereo. Within a DAW you may need to change the channel mode on the track or route your track to a Stereo bus and insert the Plug-In on it. I think Reaper does this automatically.

Regarding the Panning issue, are you unable to Pan the signal using the control on the track?

When I try to pan the track from the mixer left or right, the track stays centered. I have the vst on a bus with to tracks coming from it to double track

Try the following:

  • Pan Left and Right the tracks you want to run through the Plug-In. Make sure that the panning function works before doing anything.
  • Create a new track above the other two. This will be the bus track.
  • Select both (L and R) tracks, drag and drop them onto the new track (Bus). Press Play and make sure that the signal is going through the bus and the signal from both tracks is still panned.
  • Insert the Plug-In on the Bus track and move the mode switch to Stereo.

This seems to work for a few seconds before the track eventually just sounds distorted and static.
Do you think it could have something to do with my CPU ? It almost sounds as if Reaper can’t handle to plugin once it changes to stereo

Yes, that could be the reason since stereo mode uses almost the same CPU as two mono instances.

Maybe the project is too heavy? You can try to bounce/commit tracks that you won’t modify. It is also a good idea to use normal oversampling when tracking and change it to high before bouncing.

If you’re using Windows, take a look at our guide for optimization. You may find something useful: Optimizing your PC for Music Production

Pay special attention to your system stability. Use Latencymon to check if there’s any process/driver causing high DPC latency.

I’ll try that. I don’t think the project size is the problem though. I only have one 2 tracks playing audio atm. Is there any way i can just left and right pan while the plugin is in mono mode??

You should be able to pan the signal if you insert the Plug-In directly into the track that contains the DI signal. You will need two instances of the Plug-In, one for each track/side.

Okay so that actually works and I can pan the track in mono if I put the plugin on the actual track. All I need to figure out is how I can get it to pan from a bus track. There seems to be some kind of problem there.

That’s strange. I’m able to do it this way:

  • Open a new project and create two tracks:

  • Press the folder icon on the first track. You can also drag and drop the 2nd track into the first one:

  • Pan the first (Bus) track. Make sure that the knob is panning the signal and insert the Plug-In on it: