Standalone Archetype Plini only has input with stereo mode

I’ve recently bought Archetype Plini around a week ago, and I’ve found that the standalone version of the plugin is not receiving any input from my Focusrite Scarlett Solo (3rd gen) going into my M1 Macbook Air. Although I’ve found an odd solution to the issue, when changing the mode to stereo, all of a sudden the plugin is receiving input (on the left side of my headphones).

I know that the input works because in settings, the test near “audio input device” shows the signal going in through my guitar, and when I test my “audio output device” I get a beep just fine. But it seems like outside of settings, the plugin is receiving no input at all.

This plugin works perfectly in Reaper, but I want to stop opening up my daw just to practice a little bit.

Hey Paxxous, when you load the standalone, which inputs do you have selected for mono use? You can see this by selecting ASIO drivers in settings.

It sounds like you might not have the standalone menu configured quite right.

If it works on one channel in stereo but not at all in mono that means that it is picking up the wrong channel for mono. Hopefully that interface has ASIO drivers. Go into Audio settings and select ASIO and you should be able to select which input channel you need.

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I changed the input settings to input 2, now it works, thanks :slight_smile: