Tap Tempo via MIDI In


I have looked up the forum and found some older stuff which I am not sure it has been adressed correctly.

Whe our drummer sends a MIDI Signal with the current TAP Tempo of each song is the Quad Cortex able to acknowledge the TAP Tempo when connected via MIDI In?


I believe you can just have your drummer send midi beat clock to you QC and it will follow it perfectly. I do that in the studio all the time. I tell pro tools so send beat clock out of a specific midi output, then just plug a cable from that output into the midi in on my QC. You’ll see the green flashing tap tempo button turn from green to blue which lets you know its following beat clock.

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Great. Does this only work directly or does it also work receiving through a loop?

Drummer sends midi > Bassist with Moog receives it and midi out/thru > QC of Rhytm Guitar receives it and midi out/thru > My QC

As long as you come out the “thru” midi jack from the Moog, or tell the Moog to pass input midi directly (thru) to the output, you should be good. if not, a simple midi splitter that can send the same signal to you and to the Moog will fix it.