Midi sync question

Hello, my QC brethren

I’ve been using the QC live for quite some time now, love it.

I decided I’d take advantage of the fact we play to a click live by setting up automated scene changes via USB midi.

for the most part, it’s not a hassle. drummer presses spacebar to start song, boom, good to go. the green tempo light switches to blue to confirm it’s synced and off we go. However, it doesn’t do this 100% of the time. essentially it’s extremely inconsistent. Sometimes drummer presses the spacebar, and it’s blue light mode immediately. other times we’re sitting waiting to start a song cause my drummer has to continually start and stop the song until the light goes blue. This isn’t a massive deal. but it can kill the momentum of a set when we have more downtime between songs than we’d like.

Does anybody know what’s causing the inconsistent nature of it? we use Reaper on a decent Windows 10 pro laptop. I also encounter the same inconsistency with my own home computer though possibly to a lesser extent. it’s hard to tell.

Thanks so much!

I have used Studio One DAW doing the same without issue. Perhaps something is misconfigured within Reaper or the QC etc. Maybe someone who uses Reaper can provide some direction otherwise, I recommend to email support@neuraldsp.com and hopefully they can help you nail down the issue.

I’ll shoot them an email too. appreciated :)!

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Hey guys, just an update on this.

Whatever improvement Neural did to the USB function on the latest update (for the cortex control) ended up seemingly fixing this issue I was having. so, I don’t know if you guys realize, but yeah, you fixed it with this update. more professional without having to wait for the blue light to flash between songs. it’s instant now, without fail every time. I can’t make it not work even if I tried. good times ahead!