MIDI Switching Question

Hi folks, I am not far off buying a QC but I have a specific MIDI switching question that I can’t find the answer to online. I’m sure you guys can help.

I would like to run a preset with 8 scenes assigned to the 8 switches on the QC. Can I then run a separate MIDI controller with, say 8 switches, controlling individual stomps and FX loops within the scenes?


You can only have one Loop sampled on the QC at a time. When you turn the unit off, it’s gone. (You may have already known that, but just in case…)

I’m not absolutely sure about your midi layout, because I programmed mine a long time ago, but I ended up doing the opposite of what you describe; the QC stays in Stomp mode and my midi controller changes Scenes or presets or banks, and activates tuner/tempo/looper. It doesn’t work for stomps.

I’m using a VOES MX9 with templates for the QC; I’m not sure if other controllers can do what you’re planning or if it’s a consequence of the limited midi capabilities of the QC (presently)
these are the templates they provide for the QC:

Ah thanks very much - this is interesting. So it’s backwards from what I said, but yeah, still similar.
8 Stomps on the QC. 6 scenes plus Preset up / down on the MIDI board.

I wonder how hybrid mode in 2.0 will affect this.
Maybe I could have 4 scenes and 4 stomps on the QC, and the additional Scenes and Presets controlled from the MIDI controller.

How much is an MX9 out of interest. The Voes site won’t tell me

yes, 2.0 will bring major changes I’d imagine. I wonder if it’ll break all the templates? Maybe not, probably the core midi functions would remain unchanged. We’re all hoping for expanded midi capabilities though.

I would think hybrid mode will allow what you mention above.

The Voes units are out of Belgium and they tend to be pricey new, w/ shipping etc.
I got mine off Reverb.com for about $200.
I think other brands are comparable and probably less costly, the Voes was the only available used one of that particular size when I looked.

I’ve got my mc6 setup so that I have three switches to activate each mode on the QC, one for an instant tuner, one for gig view, and one for looper view. I may change that in the future, but right now that’s working very nicely for me. And the Morningstar editor made it so simple.

@oboy Yes, but afaik at the moment it would be the other way around. You would use the QC switches in “stomp mode” to switch effects on or off. And the external midi controller to change scenes (CC #43). Here’s the page from the manual: Or you do what @Smellytele suggested and use the external controller to switch between scene and stomp mode.
With the next software update, this will change since there is a “hybrid mode” then. But I don’t know how this would work with an external controller.