Using Archtype Plini Live -with midi foot switch and interface

hi guys,
I’m just wondering if anyone has used Neural plugins live just using a 'MacBook Pro-Interface- and midi foot switch-… any ideas, any experiences ,
I really want to go amp free at gigs if possible… and i love the tone of plain archtype.
just seeing if there are anyone else who have tried this method-

thanks in Advance from New Zealand


@DropTheSun should now :slight_smile:

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Here you can read my experiences using Neural DSP Plugins with MBP + midi.

I am currently in the market for the Plini plug-in fro live usage.

I am currently using Guitar Rig Pro 5, but have used Overloud’s THU and Mike Scuffham’s S-Gear for live usage as well. So, I would not expect there to be any issues whatsoever for using any of the Neural DSP plug-ins for live usage.

I do hope that this information is of assistance to you?