MIDI Question!

Hi, all! I have a question concerning the midi out and tap tempo do the Quad Cortex. I looked online and in the manual first before asking here. And I could not find the answer (at least not in a way I understood it to be the answer).
If I use the MIDI out from the QC to the MIDI in of my Roland Boutique Ju-06A, can I tap the tempo on my QC and have the JU-06A read it for arpeggiators? So, can the QC tap tempo control the JU-06A tempo using the MIDI out? The JU-06A accepts MIDI clock info through the MIDI in port.
Sorry if this is an absurd post. Just can seem to find the answer. Thank you!!

Currently, the Quad Cortex cannot send MIDI clock. There is an open request to add it, though.