Midi programming with QC as the soundcard

Hi everyone, I’m a kemper owner and the Quad Cortex pretty good to me.

Some things really interest me in the QC and one of it is to use it as my main sound card in my home studio but also using it for future live etc…

How about programing midi in that cas ? I mean I’d like to program the QC so everything change automatically with my Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16 (probably a guitar and a vocal or 2 and an electroacoustic instrument)

But what about working on this programing if the QC is pluged in usb as my only external sound card, is it still possible ???


QC can be controlled by MIDI over USB, if that’s what you’re asking.

I’m not sure, for the moment i program my changes in my daw and my kemper is plugged in my soundcard via midi (also spdif for the sound)

I understand that i can do this if i plug the QC to a soundcard via midi but if there is no more soundcard cause the soundcard is now the QC ( so plugged in via usb and no midi connection to the computer)

well seeing as the QC is capable of receiving midi over USB then this shouldn’t be an issue. It should pick up midi signals via the USB as long as your DAWE’s midi device has the correct interface and midi channel selected.

Thanks for the answer, I will continu to investigate but if i can just have the QC and be able to program the midi changes and effects (for live use) it is more interesting to me. (a bit less if i have to buy another soundcard just for the midi)

worst case scenario if it can’t do both at once, just get a little usb to midi dongle for programming and running your midi changes.