Any users of Cymatic Audio LP-16 with the QC?

Hi, I’m searching for users feedback of the Cymatic Audio LP-16 and the Quad Cortex for giging (using midi etc)


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Hey there,

I’m trying to use the QC with cymatic but failing heavily. I programmed the Midi-Tracks via Logic using the Neural USB-Midi. Exported the Midi-Track but the LP-16 is just not sending any midi commands to the QC. I don’t know if I set anything wrong on the QC or the LP-16, do you have any experience with it?

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Well, we are at least 2 that wants to use that.

I’m in a big home restoration work and an also big writing, recording, mixing etc work at this time so the preparing for live is not yet but hope as soon as possible.
We could share our experiences with those devices, I’m sure there is a solution, I can’t imagine that it won’t work with the QC.