Midi Implementation Improvement

May be an imporvement for the midi implementation?

Shouldn’t it easier to program an external midi controller to control the quad cortex if the midi charts is updated?

for example taht you can always change preset even if you are in scene mode with just 1 midi command?

now you always need to change mode first and then select the new preset/scene/stomp…because for example midi command 35 is related to preset/scene and stomp mode.

Why not change it to pc 35 will active switch A in preset mode, pc 135 will select switch A in scene mode and pc 235 will select switch A in stomp mode.
Much easier to program.

Or just like line6 show the midi command on the screen to select the patch your in. In deoend if you are in preset, scene or stomp mode.

YES! :+1:

And here are the other 11 characters so this will post… :smirk: