Midi Footswitch

Also could you tell me your set up? There is a script inside the editor under midi library. You should be able to test if basic commands work using that feature.

Try this if not set already. Under the Settings → ‘MIDI Settings’ menu set ‘MIDI Thru’ = Off. Make sure the same MIDI channel is selected on the MC8 and the QC.

Hi. I’m new at QC forum. I just bought the HB MP 100, but it seems that I can only change the bank/slot, not the scenes (A-H).
How did you program the MP 100 for scenes changing in a bank?
Thanks :wink:

I bought the MP100, do you have a step by step how to program it with the Quad Cortex to use in stomp box mode to program the switches to turn on effect pedals in stomp mode and also to bank up and down to scroll thru presets with the bank up and down toggles. I’m a total newbie at midi and need help if you are able.

Thank you