DIY Midi switcher

Hi everyone,

Here is my DIY midi switcher (source available for download).
It is programmed to switch 5 effects on the fly + instant tuner on button 6.
Prior to using it, you have to go to Stomp mode to program each block to a dedicated footswitch and go back to scene mode.
The DIY Switcher does the Morningstar Hybrid Mode hack at a fraction of the cost.

I know the official Hybrid Mode is coming but, for me, 4 scene presets and 4 effects per patch wasn’t enough…

It’s a fun build for anyone who is as much of a tinkerer as me…

Download source is here : Quad Cortex Midi Switcher


Awesome! Might have to give that one a go at some point.

I never build anything based on Arduino but I did about 40 pedals from, some with FV-1 and some with Daisy.

That is very tempting. You really did the extra mile with BOM, drill template and schema. That is highly appreciated.

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@Dali If you’re already into pedal kits, this thing should be a breeze !
Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help customizing the code (ex: Tuner on button 1 instead of 6).

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That are most of them:


Hey, Arduino-based-DIY-MIDI-foot-controller gang, checking in!

Here’s what mine ended up looking like. I use mine mostly for scene switching, alongside a rehoused (more compact and sturdy) FCB1010 for presets and tuner. When the looper came out, I added a latching switch at the top to swap “modes”. I set up the program so when it’s pressed, it changes from scenes to mimicing the QC footswitches, so I can control the looper when needed. My QC lives on my desk so that’s a useful workaround.

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Nice @Escensei !!!

Yay to the DIY gang !