Most comparable midi foot controller?

I’m interested in using a midi controller to change presets while I use the built-in buttons to change scenes. Most midi controllers operate in base 10. But it seems to me that if I had one that operated in base eight, then the button layout would be the same as the way the banks are organized in groups of eight. Has anyone found The best midi foote controller for this use?

The Morningstar MC8 seems to be highly recommended around these parts.

Unfortunately Morningstar MC8 not available new and over $400 used on Reverb. Maybe they are coming out with a “Pro” versions like the have a standard six button and then the pro with the color scribble strips. Of course that we drive the price up too. The Six button is $349.

ok. thanks.

what about the “MIDI Captain”

it’s affordable and it appears to be divided into banks of 8.

anybody have any experience with one?

Yes, seems they are out of stock currently. My buddy just purchased one from Morningstar less than 2-3 weeks ago so they will likely have them back in stock quickly. I also saw that used ones were going for around $300 on the various market sites.

Or else they are moving it to the “pro” model like the 6 and then will cost even more. I like my Nektar Pacer.

The midi captain gives you the buttons but I would worry about not having more inputs into it for the future midi expansion. When I was deciding between the Fender TM and QC the one main thing I saw for the TM was it has more external in’s and out’s. But figured I use my Pacer which gives me all if those only to find the QC has a weak midi implementation in it’s current state. The Morningstar has the 4 omniports and the pro model 6 seems to add two relays. The Pacer has 4 foot switches, 2 relays and 2 expression pedal in’s.