QC controller? pedal board?

I know Neural have many big ideas, but are there any plans on a Add on unit?

For instance, many of us will have the QC on the desktop just like a helix rack but will end up with no foot controller option if we run it like this. Especialy when its used as an interface for some.

Are there any plans on creating a companion board? one with expression and LED scene tabs just like the helix control would be great.

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They might not be planning this, but you could set up a MIDI controller like the Morningstar MC8 to do all that as soon as you get it. The manual already lists all the MIDI commands for the onboard footswitches and expression pedal input that you would need to accomplish this.


they are too small, no expression and the read out is awful

There is an expression pedal jack on it, pretty much any expression pedal will do. If you want big you can use an FCB 1010.

NICE! not seen these,been living in Helix rack world to long, perfect! thank you

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I still have that bad boy too. Bought it in the 90’s to control a rack mount Boss GX-700. Lol. Built like a tank. I was actually surprised it’s still being made.

Any thoughts on this> i have a mission expression already

I will use my Ground Control Pro at my mic stand and go back to my GCX and the Quad Cortex in my rack with the rest of gear.

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mine will be in a rack, safe. dont care if the foot controler gets trashed


Actually, the MC-8 has 4 Expression/Aux/Midi out 1/4" TRS ports on the back. And, the MC-8 also comes with a really nice “Editor”!

that MC8 is more than twice as expensive as the FCB-1010… but it is pretty sweet.

Yes, it is expensive compared to “others” available, but the fact that you can program it via the front panel “or” with the very nice GUI editor is nice.

the FCB1010 has a couple different programming editors available online… and it’s not that difficult to program via the front panel and menus… I’ve had it before… plus I have the Rocktron MIDI Mate… once you’ve gotten the hang of these devices they’re not that hard to work with.

Yea I have owned a couple of FCB1010’s. With the right chip in them, it works well, but I still like the functionality of the MC-8 better.

I will say: those 4 Omniports on the MC-8 are a very useful feature.

Yes, they are!!!

I read Doug’s post today on Discord mentioning a “killer mobile/tablet controller”… that would solve many issues… put the QC on the floor where it’s designed to be and use an iPad/iPhone to control the settings. #QuadCortexController