Using a MIDI based expression pedal

Hi guys.
I am using a Sonuus Voluum with my QC and it is capable of sending all sorts of MIDI to the Cortex unit. What I am trying to do is using it as an expression pedal to control Mix for Dual Delay (but could be used to control other parameters as well of course).
The manual does not state that the current MIDI implementation supports this and the only way I can find to change the Mix parameter is by an expression pedal. But, the manual also says that it has reserved incoming MIDI CC CC#1 for Expression Pedal 1. Can I “trick” the QC to respond as Expression Pedal 1 if I send CC#1 0-127 from my pedal? I have experimented with it today without luck, but MIDI being MIDI, I am not sure that I am configuring it wrong or if it just don´t work.
Any input from someone?
Also, has there been any talk to add MIDI Learn, or support for expression pedals via MIDI, for these kind of things anywhere? I cannot find it but I don´t know if I am bad at searching or if it hasn´t been mentioned.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t help but I have a FCB1010 with 2 expression pedals I will want to use and an external non-midi one.

I receive my QC just few hours ago and got basic stuff to try before. :smile:

You’re not “tricking it”, this is really how you are expected to do it.
Make sure you use the correct channel as well, maybe this is what wasn’t configured correctly, then cc 1 will give you expression control.
I was also confused at first, expected to use cc 11, but just follow the midi table in the manual it should work.
If it doesn’t, I suggest to hook it up to a computer and use a midi monitor to see what’s actually being sent.
If I’m not mistaken, in hex you should be reading B1-01-nn (nn = 00 - 7F).
In binary: B1 = 10110001, where 1011 means cc, and 0001 means communication channel 1 (the thing you choose in the dropdown menu). If you want to use a different channel, this byte is the one you need to change.
The second byte is the cc type, i.e. cc#1 which will be interpreted by the QC as expression control, and the last byte is the value.

Good luck!

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