MIDI control only works in standalone, not DAW

Thank you for your response!

I guess my situation is not with the DSP but with my boss. I am able to connect it and when I try it with Mainstage I’m able to send program changes from Mainstage to the Boss but I cannot do the other way around. My boss is not sending any midi messages. Both Mainstage and Neural recognize the midi device. I just can’t figure out how I have to set up my BOSS to send those midi messages. Since I saw that erik.morgan said he was using his boss as a controller, I wanted to see if he or you could tell me how to set up the boss


Finally made it work! I was all the time trying to make the connections with the USB midi cable, so I just went and bought a 5 pin midi cable to USB and it now send all the program changes and everything is working perfect!

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One last thing!

Could you give instructions on how to control it in Mainstage?

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with MainStage, but I’m assuming you can use the same principle described above. (Create an audio track for the plugin and a MIDI track that sends MIDI data to the plugin track).

Hi @Gonzalo I seem to be having a similar problem, but for Ableton, and I’m wondering if I’m missing something here.

My problem is that my MIDI footswitch works perfectly fine when I use Archetype Abasi in standalone mode, but when I use the Archetype Abasi plugin (not vst3) in Ableton, I cant get it to work. I have tried setting up a separate MIDI channel, MIDI From All Ins, and then MIDI to my Audio track with the plugin → 1-Archetype Abasi, set Monitor to In. I can see that the MIDI track is receiving midi information, but for some reason the MIDI isn’t registering in the plugin.

Any ideas?