Logic Pro X, MIDI and Archetype Plini

Does anyone have a guide or some guidance for me on how to use the Archetype Plini plugin in Logic Pro X, while control it using MIDI? Standalone, it works perfectly, but MIDI messages do not seem to reach the plugin in Logic.

I’ve read this post (https://unity.neuraldsp.com/t/midi-control-only-works-in-standalone-not-daw/1373/8) but it’s not really helping me much as there is no option to choose which VST version to use.

I need to be able to record my DI track, while my midi foot controller (Boss MS-3 in this case) controls the presets (PC messages) and specific CC messages like toggling overdrive on/off as I can do in the standalone version.

I can already prove that my midi controller talks to Logic as I can record the events in a software instrument track (as well as monitor the messages in MISI environment).

I spent hours trying to work this out and it’s getting a bit frustrating now.


It should work under the same principle of adding a MIDI/Instrument track to send MIDI messages from your controller to the Plug-In. I think in Logic you can add a Plug-In instance on the same instrument track. Did you try changing/configuring your control surface? (cmd+L).

I can’t make sense of the midi implementation. Cmd-L says this:

I admit I don’t know much about MIDI in Logic, but this just doesn’t have to be so difficult does it?

I cannot add the MS-3 or e.g. the Cerberus to control surfaces it seems, even though Logic obviously receives the messages (I have more screenshots but as I’m a new user I can only post one image).

Does Neural DSP have an official support channel?

@jake You can send the screenshots to support@neuraldsp.com.

Thanks. I just saw this post which describes my problem better actually
Change Presets With MIDI in Logic

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@Gonzalo - your instruction on this post works perfectly in Reaper (fyi, it works perfectly for AU, VST and VST3 - no difference between them from what I can tell).

However, I still cannot work out how to do the same in Logic. And by extension, Mainstage 3. Anyone have any ideas or a proven set of steps to follow to make it work please?

Did you check if there’s a displacement/offset of the notes and messages between the Plugin and the DAW? (example: C2 on the Plugin = C0 on the DAW, PC0 on the Plugin = PC1 on the DAW).

I noticed that displacement of the PC# but how does that affect or how can it be corrected?

It shouldn’t affect how the feature works. Most of the time when that happens, the PC# will be misplaced by 1, so you can map the parameters taking that into consideration or just by using the MIDI learn function to use one parameter as a reference.