Midi control the neural dsp plugin in Ableton

How to setup a midipedal to control a neural dsp plugin within Ableton. In the standalone version it works easily, but in Ableton it does not work at all.
In case it only works in the standalone version there is another question; how to sent the output of the standalone version directly to an audioinput in Ableton?

Do any of the above resources help? Also what plugin and MIDI controller are you using?


You can control any parameters from a plugin in Ableton and map it to the Midi control you want.

For this you will need to deploy the parameters of your plugin, then add the parameters you want to control, then MIDI map them.

In fact, when you know the mechanic, it’s super easy.

  • Add the VST/AU to an audio track
  • Deploy the parameter arrow (#1 on the screenshot)
  • Click configure (#2) = button goes green, it waits for you to add the parameter you want to control on the plugin
  • Click on any parameter on the Plug-In interface (in my exemple #3 for Overdrive Active), it will add the control on the Ableton plugin box
  • Then use Ableton Midi Learn function to assign the added function with the button/switch/knob/fader you want. (#4)

(Sorry my screenshot is in French ^^)

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