Midi control of QC from iPad running Onsong software

Is there a possibility to Midi control the QC from my iPad running Onsong software? I would like QC to immediately activate my respective song scene as soon as I select the song in my Onsong.

I think that is possible.
Just activate midi and in ONSONG exec pc command.

Sorry, i didn’t get you. What do you mean by pc command?

You need to add midi command in onsong lyrics like Midi: 0.1
You can read it in manual of onsong.
So check midi manual also from cortex to know which pc command you need to execute to select the patch or scene you want to select when you select song in ONSONG.

Ok, thanks. I understand now.
May I ask one more question: how do I physically connect the iPad with the QC? Is Bluetooth possible? I am asking as I have connected this way my iPad/Onsong with the Beat Buddy for example.

You need an external wireless midi device. Just google for example for CME WIDI Master draadloze MIDI-connection. This is juus an example. There are several.options so.

Great. I will check it out and come back with my experiences. Thanks.

I use the app “ForScore” in my Ipad to switch the patch on the QC.
I use the interface Quicco M1 (MIDI plugs) into the 2 MIDI In/Out of the QC.
You need to establish the connexion between the IPad and the QC. For that you can use the Korg Ipad app: Connect BLE-MIDI.
You have to select a MIDI channel number in the Device settings of the QC.
On the IPad, you can select a patch by sending a Midi command “PC” (Program Change).
“PC n x y p”
“n” is the MIDI Channel set for the QC.
“x” is the MSB Bank selection. set it to 0.
“y” is the LSB Bank selection. It correspond to the Device Directories number where are stored your patch to be selected. 0 is the Factory Library.
“p” is the patch number, starting with 0 for the first one (1A).

ex: PC 3 0 2 11
Progam change to Midi channel 3, the Device directory number 2, the patch “2D”.
I hope this help.

Hi Christian, what an excellent description. Thousand thanks for that. At weekend I will spend time to manage it. I’ll come back here with my result.

Attention if you will buy wireless midi connector. I dont know if the midi connwctors of the QC will give power. So if you buy wireless one you better can buy the ones which are externally powered.

Oh yeah. I ordered one already (Yamaha MD-BT01). We will see if it fits.

@RJMiddel : The good news is that the wireless midi connector which I bought (Yamaha MD-BT01) works with the QC. Obviously the QC gives power. And I also can see reactions of the QC when swiping songs in iPad Onsong.

@xtian.bonnin : However I am still struggling to find the correct midi command.

As shown here I have 3 songs stored under My Presets (1A Shallow, 1B Come together, 1C You can’t hurry). I want to achieve that when using Scene mode the respective song will be selected by control of iPad Onsong.
So what is the correct syntax to be sent from the iPad? Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks Wolfgang.

That is good news according to the power!

Did you read the cortex manual about midi in commands?

As I understand correctly, first set the midi channel fir the cortex. Fir example channel 1.
That means that ioad has to sent on channel 1 to cortex.

In the manual they stated which midi command you have to sent.
Sorry that I can not go in detail because I don’t have cortex yet.

I uses onaong with my Yamaha Tyros so the principle should be the same.

In all if my lyrics I added the midi command. But you can also do that via the insing user interface. Check youtube for it.

Can you try:
MIDI Channel 1, CC#32 value 1, Program #0 for your first patch?

Ok. Go to the song editor and select the (i) bouton to open the Metadata editor.
Go to the MIDI section and select the “send” item. Enter ‘+’ and set the control to “program”.
From select the midi channel of the QC or stay to “All Channels”.
Select the program number from your Bank 1: 1, 2 or 3
Set Bank MSB to 0
Set Bank LSB to 1 to select the directory “My Presets”.
That’s it, it should work when you select the song from the app “OnSong”.

@RJMiddel @xtian.bonnin : Hey men, you made my day :slight_smile:
With your help I’ve got it now. I have set QC to channel 3, as channel 1 is already in use for my Beatbuddy. And with the shown settings in Onsong, it works now perfectly, both on the QC and on the Beatbuddy.
Thank you thousand times :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good to hear. It will help me as well when I will receive my unit mid July hopefully.

Do you like the QC until now?

Yes, definitively. It opens up so many features into the future. I have only used a few of them so far, but always with best results.

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It should do that with no trouble for you. I have the boss GT 1000, line 6 HX stomp and FX…And the FM3 and now the QC. I still use Setlist Maker and it works perfectly with all that I have mentioned even the QC. I have it set up to change presets when I touch the song name, I have been doing it this way for years I also used it on the GR 55


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Hi Chris, thanks for your kind reply and offer. I am happy to tell you, that I have got it running. With Onsong on the iPad both my QC and the Beatbuddy change their settings when I swipe to the new song. It works perfect. :grinning: