Midi program change via Bandhelper

Hi guys.

I´ve been trying since days to setup program-changes from the app “Bandhelper” to the QC.
I read al ot of online stuff, watched videos etc but can´t make it work.
Though the QC is getting the midi-signal, I simply don´t know where and how to put the values for the different sounds in my scenes…

Here´s a simple usecase:
I want to open the sound that´s on

  • Playlist No 3
  • Preset 1E
  • Scene A

What do I have to put into the bandhelper fields (and which fields are the right ones)?
See attached screenshot for more Bandhelper-details.

Thanks a lot in adcance!
All the best

I’ve got the same issue. There’s no info on this.

I was finally able to get this to work with my Quad Cortex. You have to know what the device you’re sending to is expecting. In my case, the device needed the Bank MSB defined as either 0 to denote that device defines its numbers as 0-127 or defined as 1 for 1-128. In my case that was a “0”. The Bank LSB defines where the patch is on my device. My device creates what it calls “setlists” which is just a bank. This will probably be something specific to your device. Lastly, is the program number. I didn’t need anything for the Control Changes section.

I’m going to assume that you’ve got a midi device configured on your iPad and assign a channel for it operate on.

The next thing is to create a preset for the patch in BH. As a guitarist, I name the patch for it’s characteristics or even for the song that it’s used on. In the Repertoire section, go down to MIDI Presets. Click the “+” to add one. Define which projects you want to use the patch. Enter your appropriate values for MSB, LSB and Program. In Raw MIDI, choose your MIDI interface from the dropdown list. Then save your preset.

Call up the song from your list songs you’d like to use this preset on. Scroll down to the “MIDI Presets” section and Add the preset to the song and save the song.

The last thing to do is add the MIDI button to the layout that you want to use. This button/icon actually sends the patch info from your preset to the device. Open a setlist the contains the patch you want to use. My layout has an icon at the top of the screen that allows me to edit the layout. It’s the second one from the left. When you touch it, a menu drops down. Choose “edit buttons and fields”. Touch anywhere on a blank part of the screen and a menu will pop open. Choose “MIDI Button”. This will drop the icon on your screen. Drag it somewhere on your screen where it’s accessible but not in the way of your other stuff. Touch the Edit Layout icon on the top of the screen again and click “Save”. The MIDI icon should now be on your chosen format. Now, when you touch that MIDI icon, it should send the patch info to your device. I set mine so that mine automatically gets sent when I change to the song. That’s another procedure that I had to figure out because they updated the app but haven’t updated the documentation yet.

I hope this helps get you on the way. Let me know if this works for you or if you still have trouble. Good luck.

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@TKillo - thank you so much for your help!
Though it didn´t work for me how you set it up - but it pushed me to the right direction.
And finally…
…I MADE IT WORK :partying_face: :metal: :wink:

Here´s my summary of the setup that’s working for me.
Hope this will help others who wants to use the QC with Bandhelper:

All the best from Germany


I’m glad you got it working. Yours is a much clearer description of what’s needed. That part I was missing was the MIDI button on my BandHelper layout that’s needed to actually trigger the codes to be sent. I haven’t needed the “scenes” yet. That’s helpful info to have.

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