Midi CC sent only once on Ableton Live Lite

Hey, I’m trying to use Plini on stage, on Ableton Live Lite with a foot controller (FCB1010).
First I’ve tried to use the “Configure” option on Live, but it can’t seem to be able to toggle effects with the same CC/same value.
So I’ve just created a midi track and routed the midi messages to the audio track, as suggested in on of the topics on this forum. It works, but I’m now having an issue, the midi CC (as well as PC I think), seem to be sent only once. Like, for example I have one pedal per amp, first time I press one, it changes the amp, then if later I want to switch again to this amp, nothing happens ever again.
If I add another VST instance on the same track though, same thing, it works once, then nothing.
Do you have an idea?
Thank you!