Ableton Live Midi Mapping

I have several plugins, currently using VST3, and I’m trying to send PC or CC changes to toggle on/off the FX pedals.

I have my midi channel sending the data. So far what I’ve found is that Neural DSP plugins in Ableton:

  1. PC changes aren’t recognized at all.
  2. CC changes only turn ON the FX when sent the ‘127’ CC value. The FX won’t turn off when sending the ‘0’ CC value.

Now here’s an interesting twist…
With my exact same setup, I recreated this in ProTools. All PC and CC commands were working properly.

Ableton Live 11
ProTools 12
Morningstar MC8 Midi Controller

UPDATE: I finally got this to work. To have CC changes work, I had to set the plugin value to ‘CC Absolute’ and send values of ‘127’ and ‘0’.

Previously, I had it set to ‘CC Toggle’.

PC changes are still not recognized at all though.