Mesa Boogie Badlander 100 or 50

Hey folks,

Having seen the JP2C make its way into the QC, wanted to post & request a Mesa Boogie Badlander 100 or 50. The amp’s pretty much unobtainium in the EU (Thomann told me today that they aren’t expecting any Badlander orders to be fulfilled before February 2024).

I think it’s a cool amp that none of the top-dogs have modeled into their units yet.


I have some Badlander 50 captures. I used the built in cab clone IR and captured away! Feel free to check them out.

markdonatelli is my username



Thank you Mark - following! These sound really good. Any chance you would be able to shoot a capture of the head using these settings? It’s basically Ola’s tone from his “Starzinger” album (Crush channel)

Thank you \m/

Oh man I love the Badlander!!! It’s such a Swiss Army knife of an amp. Could really play any gig with it.

I uploaded two new captures from the image you sent. Clean and Crush. I switched the cab to a traditional 412 with v30’s which seems to be a bit tighter.

I’m very impressed with the QC captures after coming from a Kemper. The only thing I notice is a very, almost inaudible loss in highs on the captures. Add a bit more back with eq and it’s literally spot on. So cool.

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Thank you very much Mark!

I finally captured my Ceriatone Molecular (couldn’t do it before CorOs 2.0); maybe you like the capture:

Again, appreciate your helping hand!

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Awesome. I’ll check it out for sure!