Mesa Boogie 50/50 power amp captures

Just popped 6 captures of my Boogie 50/50 power amp up in the cloud if anyone’s interested. Cheers!

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Can’t use them because you added your cab or IR. I use my own guitar cab. Thx anyway Mike.

Nope, no cab or ir, it’s the 50/50 into a direct box. Amp into an ART DI, DI thru to cabinet and DI out to Quad. What makes you say that?

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I’ve been running a capture of the JMP1 (try the ‘Angus’ one) then a 50/50 capture (the HiP pres3 version) out of the QC into a Seymour Duncan 700 power amp and out to my two 2x12’s and it’s been working pretty great. Not quite the same ‘in the room’ feel, but pretty close. So yeah, should work with your setup, I tend not to run cabsims in my signal chain either.
And no offense taken! Hope you can get something decent out of 'em!
One other note, I usually pop a li/hi cut eq after everything with a hi cut around 6400, 12db rolloff. Tames some of the sizzle but leaves plenty of top end.

Missunderstood. Sorry about that Mike.

No worries @Guitarquaduser1 !

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