QC into my Clark Beaufort - Wow!

I’ve had my QC about a week now and love it. I’ve had other modelers, but this one is staying. I’ve been running it through a Quilter 202 Tone Block in FRFR mode, and other times my Focusrite interface into JBL studio monitors. For $hits and giggles, I ran it into my Clark Beaufort, which is a wonderful example of a 5e3 57 Tweed Deluxe, with just a hair more power. In that amp, a Celestion G12H is the way to go. So - I hook it up and ran a 1978 JMP capture and was just blown away. I’ve had Marshall’s, and even had a 77 2 hole JMP and this thing was spot on! I bought the QC because I want to lighten the load at gigs, and go straight to the board. But this was so great I may take both. I’m wondering if this combo is exceptionally great, or using the Quilter or JBL’s were just meh. I’ve been reading a lot of good things about the Yamaha DXR10 monitor for the QC. Since it has multiple inputs, I could gig that, and also feed the monitor mix into it and kill two birds with one stone. Any one else run the QC though a tube amp?

Great feedback! For studio/practicing etc., I have my QC XLR outs feeding my PA and OUT3/4 feeding two tube amps via FX return and it sounds glorious! With USB audio into my DAW/monitors there are tons of options!

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@MP_Mod How do you run your grid for outs 3/4? Do you just set up another row that omits the cab blocks or?

Exactly! Depending on what I am trying to achieve, I usually use a splitter to rows that output to OUT3/4. Some presets I omit cabs and some I just use DI captures which makes it easier for me.