Amalgam captures

Just wanted to give two thumbs up for Just bought their Friedman Smallbox DI captures. I’ve used the Smallbox for years, so I know this amp, and even tried to capture it (but need better DI-options than I have at home). I have to say that their captures are spot on and really cleverly made (a variety of ‘tunings’ of the amp, both clean, cruncy and as high gain as this amp gets). Nicely done, and they sound smoking! I’ll be purchasing more profiles from them for sure.

So fun to see an ecosystem growing within the QC realm. Almost gives me the same feeling as when I got my Kemper years and years ago, only (imho) better sounding.


Amalgam is knocking it out of the park lately, they have some amazing captures available IMO.


So true. I downloaded and tested a few of the sample captures in addition to the ones I bought, and they are truly nice. I could make it all night on just the JTM 45 and a pedal.


I love the Carr Mercury capture! Throw a Myth drive (Klon) in front and you are in edge of breakup heaven.


Same here, love their captures. All my essential presets are now built from those.

Sound and feel just like the real thing.

JTM45 is my absolute favorite.


I have a Smallbox 50 3channel, and love it. I would love to try these captures, but €35 Euro seems a lot for a single amp. I hope the Quad Cortex platform builds in some form of demonstration feature in future updates to allow users to test drive before confirming purchase.

Amalgamcaptures’ profile on the Quad app gives you a free sample from each amp, so you can test at least one capture of each amp. IMHO 35 EUR is cheap for great captures :slight_smile:


They have a 20% price reduction at the moment. And an excellent customer service, so just try to contact them if you have questions or doubts.

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That’s great to know. I will check the freebies out. I guess having been down the IR rabbit hole, I am trying not to do the same with captures. On the other hand, if by paying a small amount I can get a handful of fantastic captures, it might be worth it.