Hermansson modded Mesa Boogie Rectifier (Dual / Triple)

Title says it all: would love to have a Hermansson modded Mesa Boogie Rectifier (Dual / Triple) make its way into the QC models list :smiley:

I could probably help you, as I have both a recto and a 5 stage marshall amp done by Hermansson. But to be honest, he is such a small builder, that it is not fair to spread around his sounds recklessly. His prices are fair. I am not rich at all, and I bought both amps by saving up. We should all buy an amp from him. It’s cheaper than buying a Marshall in the US anyway, hahaha!

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Thank you for the reply. I’ve sold my QC in the meantime so all good.
Appreciate you taking the time to post here.
His amps are the real deal. Maybe one day I’ll be able to fit one in.

Yeah, you should. Honestly, they sound very unique.