Merge MIDI IN messages with QC Preset MIDI OUT when MIDI THRU is enabled

As the QC does not send MIDI clock, I have a MIDI controller that connects to the QC’s MIDI IN port. I enabled MIDI THRU on my QC to sync my other pedals’ clocks. But I also have Preset MIDI OUT on many of my presets to change some of my pedals’ parameters when scene changing on the QC. The problem is that when MIDI THRU is enabled on the QC, Preset MIDI OUT will not work. This behavior is not documented anywhere, and I can still set Preset MIDI OUT messages.

We need the QC to merge its own Preset MIDI OUT messages with incoming MIDI messages when MIDI THRU is enabled.

From my understanding, MIDI THRU is by definition meant to send the incoming MIDI unaltered to the next device. Adding data to the incoming MIDI and then sending it to another device isn’t MIDI THRU anymore, is it?

Normally MIDI THRU is used when multiple devices are chained together and addressed via individual MIDI channels. Many MIDI devices have 3 MIDI ports. IN, OUT and THRU. As far as I know, THRU is used on purpose to avoid any additional MIDI data from receiving devices.

On the Eventide H9 it is possible to set “MIDI clock receive” and “MIDI clock send” independently. If “receive” is set to OFF and “send” to ON, the H9 will ignore incoming clock but send a clock signal with its own tempo. If “receive” is set to ON and “send” to ON, then it will adjust its own tempo to the incoming clock signal and send a clock signal with the same tempo to the next device. This has nothing to do with MIDI THRU though.

I guess, the QC needs a proper MIDI clock functionality in the first place and then it should provide a similar option as on the H9 for example.

I’m fairly new to MIDI, and I recall reading about the MIDI clock send and receive feature on some devices. The biggest part of my problem is exactly that: the QC does not send midi clock so I have to rely on another source up the chain. I just got a MIDI controller pedal which opens a lot of possibilities, but still, I’d love for the QC to be able to ‘thru’ the MIDI clock and messages from upstream, with the addition of being able to add my Preset MIDI OUT from the QC down the chain