Quad midi to h90

Newbie to Quad…

How do you control program change using the Quad Cortex to control Eventide H90? I have the channel on both set correctly and the midi “on” but it still doesn’t work.

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Make sure “midi thru” on the QC is turned off.

Not sure why but then “midi thru” is turned on I don’t think the QC sends out the midi messages. That worked for me.

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It is off. Still no change. When I am in scene mode it seems to work, but not from one program to the other. Checked the H90 manual and as long as it is set to Omni it should work, yet it doesnt.

I’m not sure I understand your usage scenario. But QC MIDI control messages are configured in each patch, there are no global MIDI messages. That may not be your issue, just making sure.

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Midi changes can be done only once by selecting a preset. In this case you can trigger 16 messages.

Next to that you can program one midi command for each switch.

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So when switching from 1A to 1C there is no midi program change available? But within 1A (or any) each switch/scene can program change the midi out device?

Hi - I’m controlling a H90 with my QC as follows:

set H90 to receive on channel 1 (or any channel you choose)

set QC Midi Thru to off

Be in Scene mode

under Preset MIDI Out, you can set one PC message to send per button. Set to send PC (patch number of H90) on channel 1 (or another channel if you chose differently when setting up the H90)

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Thanks for all the help. I’m slowly getting this now.