Media Player for Backing Tracks


It would be awesome if I could play MP3 backing tracks from the Quad instead of having to run a line in from my phone. Even better, given the fancy screen, if we could play MP4 video files… (so you could do lyrics as well as backing tracks).

If I could, I’d have a different gig view page for each song, with the bottom 4 buttons being for sounds to switch between and the top 4 buttons as play/pause, rewind to start, mark time and loop (back) to mark (toggle on/off).


I’m going to extend this with a request for not only playback but recording too.

I’ve had a few live gigs now with the quad and it’s great. I run my vocals and guitar into the quad, which I run in tandem with my laptop (via USB) to get my backing tracks from studio one into the mix.

This let’s me do a couple of really cool things:

  1. I can setup my own mix through the headphone out (to in ear headphones) so I can keep playing even if the sound guy has completely mangled the mix in the foldback (that would never happen right?)

  2. But I can still offer each channel (mic/guitar/backing) separately to the sound desk so they can mix it how ever they want in front of house

  3. Because I’m USBing into my laptop, I can actually multitrack record everything in high quality in studio one. This is awesome because it means if I chuck my phone in the corner on a tripod I can make promotional videos of my playing with decent sound (edited in later) instead of crappy phone audio.

So all this is good, but it just feels like a shame to be hanging off a laptop again… the main point of the quad for me was to simplify my whole setup (that had many parts) down to one single box.

Given that what we’re talking about here is “just” audio playback and recording - functionality which now already exists in your looper update - it sorta feels like something that wouldn’t be that hard for you guys to add in as an update.

It wouldn’t even need to be proper multitrack recording, one stereo track could capture vocals in the left channel and the guitar in the right. I looked on my quad and it’s reckons I’ve got 25gb of space so that’s plenty of room for the files…

Anyways, just my three cents worth :slight_smile:

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