Tracks + Automation on the QC itself

So I normally, for playing along to songs run a song/tracks through Logic and automate QC presets via USB so I can put all my energy into practicing the song rather than worry about stomping. The only thing is if I go somewhere else I have to bring my laptop with me and do a bit of a setup. It’s really not a huge issue, and it would probably involve more programming than it’s worth, but I just thought I’d suggest this in case other people liked the idea too
The idea is that with the QCs 25/30GB of storage (I think?) there should be plenty of room to store 10-20 MP3 or WAV tracks on the QC itself, all it would need then is a very basic audio player and the ability to automate scenes/presets. I’m not saying this would be easy but I just thought I would suggest it in case it’s an idea that gains traction
I for one would find it super useful not having to rely on a laptop everywhere and it means my practice setup would be super portable as it would just be the QC, my headphones and a guitar :slight_smile:

I like the idea to have a mp3 player on the quad cortex.